Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Historic day as COPS Ltd (Coconut Oil Products Santo) in Santo, Vanuatu, starts purchasing copra for the refurbished coconut oil mill. The aim is to usher in a new system of commercial partnership arrangement, including African Pacific and all coconut farmers of the Archipelago.

One of the mandated aims of the business model applied within the systems is a complete track and trace system that will allow all stakeholders to understand the mills impact on the nation wit the goal to measurably improve the livelihoods of the growers on economic, social and environmental levels.

I am extremely please to be involved in this project and look forward to be able to chart the progress of the COPS and all stakeholders in Vanuatu in this endeavour.

Please do not contact me should you have any interest in having more information.

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  1. Hi Andreas,

    Great to see that you are posting again. It was really interesting to read about COPS Ltd.

    As someone who knows so little and with a particular interest in fair trading partnerships, it was exciting to read about your "new system of commercial partnership arrangement".

    As such I have heaps of questions! If you were willing to indulge me and maybe consider answering some the many questions that you overview brings to mind that would be great!(hopefully your last comment on the post was a misprint, and you DO wish to be contacted)

    Is this project a part of "The Pacific Growers Export Program? If so, how does it fit?

    Would you be willing to explain what you mean by a "new system of commercial partnership?" What makes it new?

    How does the partnership arrangement function and what role does African Pacific and yourself play in that partnership?

    How are ALL the coconut farmers in Vanuatu able to be connected to this partnership arrangement?

    And finally a more techo question...
    What does the track and trace system actually do? How do the farmers get the information from this system - to what degree are they able to access technology and what type of technology do they have?

    Many thanks for your indulgence!