Sunday, February 1, 2009


Week 5, 31 January 2009
NY Confessions
What a month! 2009, solar eclipse, out with year of the rat, and in with the Ox. Already I have two confessions.
Firstly this has been one of the best months of my life: Professionally, Personally and Planetary. This does not mean it has been an easy one, not at all. It may have even been one of the hardest. My dearest
Mutti has taken ill back in the home country, I left my beautiful family in South Australia and the disciplinary effect of our tough economic times is hurting my image as a mr nice guy. Yet somehow, somewhere my life continues to flow in harmony and the gratitude that arises brings pure joy. So I wish to thank all those who continue indulge me and my endless economic adventures.
Secondly, I have become a self help junkie. Tolle, Martha Beck, Byron Katie, Jacob and anyone who can shed light on the subject of Ego. This has affected all my thinking, and has opened me to edit my long held title of : The Organic Economy.
Far from being unique and something for me to define, “The Organic Economy“ is in fact just the reality in which we live, like it or not. Discussed
ad nauseam in every possible way, by everyone. In the study of human interaction in relation to our unlimited wants and limited resources. We are all intrinsically linked, warts and all and its definition is our reality. It is today. It just is… It is as human as you are, we are and I am. Welcome to planet earth...
The only thing I can cast thought on, is My Organic Economy! This is my personal diatribe…which I may define, ..describe, ..discuss, …enact, ..change…and in which I can influence my anxiety of the my own
scarcity paradigm But more than my thoughts and intention, I wish to document my actions, publicly it seems. I am a “wanna be” eco activist who subscribes to the words of Aristotle.
Is his wisdom, he wrote; “Reading makes a knowledgeable person; Writing makes a precise one” None of my thoughts or actions are new or novel….but this is my soap box. So welcome,
homo economicus to
I start with from simple hypothesis: inorganic+time=organic


  1. So how do we brake that down. Wouldn't there need to be work done also - Comment on organic + time + energy = inorganic ?

  2. The word organic in itself implies life, growth and thus work. We have (hopefully) move beyond the scientific definition of organic as: containing carbon.

    The critical issue would be to define what type of work/growth/life we are looking at in relation to our objectives of sustainability.

    Thus the time we allow for this work is the critical issue. Given the requirements of the economy in the last 100 years to achieve a growth rate the was predominantly defined in relation to particulars values of economic expansion, the time required for production was drastically reduced.

    The consequences are now not only witnessed within land and resource management in our agriculture and environment, but also in our financial system.